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Cooking in a woodfired oven has been the exclusive privilege of chefs, pizza cooks, bakers, and food connoisseurs for centuries.

Red Tomato Pizza Restaurant uses this amalgamation of ancient knowledge and modern technology to bring the joys of having healthy meals from a woodfired oven. Only a wood fired oven gives that unique flavour that can not be reproduced in a normal kitchen oven.

Woodfired ovens, also known as wood ovens (or Forno a legna in Italian), are ovens that use wood fuel for cooking.

In a woodfired oven the cooking process adds flavour to whatever's placed inside. So why is everything cooked this way so tasty?

The answer is a matter of complex physics, mainly to do with the design and the thick outer shell trapping four kinds of heat (thermal, convection, residual and radiant).

At high temperatures for example, with a pizza, the radiant heat from the fire and the heat bouncing off the inside wall crisps the outside quickly and seals in the moisture in the dough, while it cooks the topping to perfection. The same goes for bread. With slow-cooked meats, when you first put the meat in the oven, the outside browns but, as the oven cools, the inside of the meat remains at about 90C. When you remove it, it has melted rather than cooked, which greatly improves texture. Unlike your home oven, every degree of heat ends up working on the food.